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Tired of paying those outrageous cable or satellite subscriptions. Well I have a solution to your problem. Get rid of that service and use a new and better one that is free or costs way less then what you have now.

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You know Tomb Raider right? The sexy virtual girl has a new counterpart. I present to you (more…)

I was looking around AOTS’s website and youtube and I just thought that I should share my experiences with my viewers. So here is the first of probably many posts.

I have heard about this but some people proved that it didn’t work, but I guess some other research team actually proved that it did.


Yes, there are models who play games. A lot actually, but I am going to mention one. Joanna Garcia. She isn’t just any piece of eye candy she is Playboy’s cyber girl of the year and she is also a gamer.

I was looking around The Feed section on Attack of the Show! and I found these cute cosplayer girls dressed up as Link from Zelda. So I just thought, ‘You know what I am going to put them on my blog.’

Ya, they pretty much got the whole Link thing down.

I am sorry to say but the guys who “found” Bigfoot in the wooded area in Souther Georgia is a fake(read the article).

Have you ever been on Flickr and you found an awesome image that you wanted to save but you couldn’t? Well Flickr has made an epic code so a “regular” person can’t save the image directly from the website. To be able to do this process you will need a bit of knowledge of HTML, but I will try to make it so you won’t have to. When you come across an image where you can’t save, all you have to do is look at the source code. I don’t know how all browsers let you look at the source code but if you have Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Opera then I will be able to tell you exactly how to save protected images from Flickr. Unless you wanted to go to a website that has many photos you can choose from that you can download with a click.

NOT actual photo of bigfoot

“A policeman and a former corrections officer say that on Friday they will unveil evidence of what they claim is their biggest find ever: the body of Bigfoot.” Is a quote from a CNN article about hunters “finding” the dead body of bigfoot and spotting several similar creatures that were still alive in a wooded area in North Georgia. I put quotes around the word “finding” because it is not yet validated that it is the true bigfoot and not a fake.

A few specialists have given their opinion in the article but I think that this MAY be the real deal. New species are found every day. Why can’t this be a new species. Nelson, chairman of the biology department at North Georgia College and State University in Dahlonega, says, “we always acknowledge the possibility of something new.”

Please feel free to voice your opinion by commenting.

DNA tests have begun on the body and “extensive scientific studies” will be done by a molecular biologist, an anthropoligist and a paleontologist.

NOT actual photo of bigfoot

Height: 7′ 7″
Weight: 500+ lbs.
Sex: Male
Hair color: Reddish
Eye color: blackish-gray
Description: Half man-half ape with human-like feet, hands, and teeth.


If you have ever played FrontierVille on Facebook you may notice you get bonuses if you complete jobs one after the other if you do it in a certain amount of time. If the timer activates then you lose the extra bonus. I have found an exploit/bug that will (more…)