FrontierVille EXPLOIT Instructions — More Bonuses

Posted: August 17, 2008 in Hacks, Homepage, Nerdy
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If you have ever played FrontierVille on Facebook you may notice you get bonuses if you complete jobs one after the other if you do it in a certain amount of time. If the timer activates then you lose the extra bonus. I have found an exploit/bug that will allow you to reset that timer.

When you complete a job you will see the bonus bar in the top right of the screen.(see figure 1)
Bonus bar
This will fill up and when it is full you will receive coins. Then you will have another bar you can fill and receive more coins.(It is yet to be confirmed that you will ONLY receive more and more coins) If the bar starts to flash red that means it is almost about to disappear and you will not receive a bonus, but we have found a way to reset the timer.

When the bonus bar is flashing red, you are performing a task, or just waiting for more energy and want to save the bonus you can just click the following buttons and a pop up with appear.(see figure 2) As long as this pop up is open the bonus bar will be frozen and the timer will be reset.
Buttons to click to reset the timer

While the pop up is open your character will continue to perform tasks(ie: harvest, move, etc.), the bonus bar will be frozen, the bonus timer will be reset, and you will continue to regenerate energy. Tip: You can also wait to collect the rewards of performing a task and when the bonus bar starts to flash red click one of the rewards and it will reset the timer. Just don’t wait to long or else your reward will disappear. You really don’t need golden horseshoes all you need is this easy guide.


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