Hack Spore — No need for the cheats or the Joker Badge

Posted: September 27, 2008 in Hacks, Homepage, Nerdy
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If you want the Joker badge or if you don’t and want infinite simoleans this post will show you how to have both. I warn you though, it will take the fun out of the game. If you want to know how to get the joker badge. Else, follow steps.

Click bordered images to see larger ones
Step 1:

If you do not have “Cheat Engine” then download it here. Click the link “Click here to continue” in the top frame. Click “Download file”. A pop up window will show; you can close that pop up. Scroll down the download page until you see a counter( “Wait for XX seconds” ). Wait until it counts down then click “Download File” button that is enabled.

Step 2:

Yay, you’ve arrived at step 2 :D. Now open Cheat Engine AND then Spore. Once Spore is opened click the button with computer icon on it (Circled in green – Figure 1.1). A new window will pop up. Here, you can choose a process that you want to cheat with. We will choose “SporeApp.exe”, click on it and click Ok button, or just double-click on “SporeApp.exe”(Figure 1.2).
Figure 1.1

Figure 1.2

Figure 1.2

Step 3:

Okay, now look at the amount of simoleans you have. For this tutorial, lets say I have 1,000 simoleans(Figure 2).

Figure 2

What you do is type your amount of simoleans in the “Value:” text box(Circled in red – Figure 3). Now click “First Scan” and wait until it is done(Circled in green – Figure 3).

Figure 3

Step 4:

You should either see two listed addresses or a lot(Circled in red – Figure 4.1). It depends on how many times that number, the amount of simoleans you have, is in the game.

Figure 4.1

If you don’t have two address, buy or sell something from an empire(Figure 4.2). It doesn’t matter what you do as long as your simoleans value changes(Figure 4.3).

Figure 4.2


Figure 4.3

Then type the amount of simoleans you have now into the “Value:” text box(Circled in green – Figure 4.4) and click “Next Scan”(Circled in red – Figure 4.4). Repeat this WHOLE step until you have two address in the list on the left.

Figure 4.4

Step 5:

Select both of those addresses(Circled in red – Figure 5). And press the little red arrow button on the bottom to the right of the list area(Circled in green – Figure 5). The addresses should be in the list on the bottom area. Now we are getting somewhere and are almost done.

Figure 5

Step 6:

Double click one of the addresses values(Circled in red – Figure 6.1).

Figure 6.1

A pop-up should display a text box. Edit that number(Red Circle – Figure 6.2) to how many simoleans you want and click “Ok”(Green Circle – Figure 6.2).

Figure 6.2

If your simoleans in your Spore game changed(Circled in red on Left – Figure 6.3) then just change that address(Circled in red on Right – Figure 6.3) from now on and not the other address but if it didn’t, change the other address.

Figure 6.3


If you want you can check the “Frozen” box(Circled in red – Figure 7) and that will make whatever value the address frozen so it can’t change. In this case, if you buy or sell something your simoleans will stay the same. So just MAX your simoleans and check the “Frozen” box and you can buy whatever you want.

Figure 7

How to Obtain Joker Badge:

Press CTRL+SHIFT+C in the game window. A little window thing should pop up at the bottom of the screen. Now type “moreMoney” and press ENTER.

You now have more money.

List of Spore Cheats
List of other Spore Badges

Editing your simolean value is not the only thing you can edit. You can edit the way you get some badges. Say you have to build 200 colony Buildings and you only have 115 and really don’t want to build the last 85. Well you can use this tutorial but just change it a bit, but remember that you have to find a way to change that value(Circled in red – Figure 8) so that you can filter out all the wrong addresses. For the colonist badge I would have to build a building and then enter in the new value and click “Next Scan”. Please ask questions or comment. I do like to help people and I love being appreciated :]

If you find this post unhelpful or confusing please comment why.


  1. Miro says:

    Thanks !
    I have no time to play Spore, but I forwarded the link to somebody who can 🙂


  2. gettingaclue says:

    Rahter interesting blog I must say, haha, haven’t got the opportunity to even touch spore with all the games floating around in my room, but interesting hack none-the-less. XD

  3. doubtingmoab says:

    Not sure why one would need to cheat, but it’s interesting to see how folks haxor the game. LOL. =)

  4. Gust says:

    it Crashed my game but it did work (i am used to used CE)

  5. shardinc says:

    ye pretty gd blog, is there a way for macbook hacking? lol

  6. cheater says:

    thats awsome
    it worked for me perfectly
    i luv it

  7. Shtanto says:

    I’m sceptical either way. Care to clarify for the people at home?

  8. nerd10101 says:

    CheatEngine is a legal memory hacking program and some security programs may find it as a threat but the only way it can be a threat is if you use it against your own system. But since you are going to use it on Spore or some other kind of game it is not a threat.

  9. jason kenny says:

    Interesting, but usual =)

  10. James Beatle says:

    It didn’t work…
    I did all the steps! 😦

    • Ignat says:

      Did you do it during Civilazation stage?Cause if you did, i can’t help you. I hacked every possible thing, all whats left is civilization stage. I’ll help you after i hack Civ sage.

  11. nerd10101 says:

    Did you make sure you checked if the amount of Simoleans changed when you changed the value of the memory?

  12. Ovrheat says:

    The currency of Spore is Sporebucks, Simoleans is for the Sims ^^

  13. Chris says:

    Dude good blog if your computer stupid and havent known about CE. But im looking for how to change the hex value of your health and freeze the value. Im dead center of the galaxy on hard and keep getting my ass handed to me, even with the hp/energy restore cheat. So if you know anything about that, email me.

    BTW you can do this to your DNA points in cell and creature stages to help make some bad ass creatures. 😛

  14. Ignat says:

    But the money hack is for Space stage…
    What about Tribal or Civ stage?

  15. McSchulz says:

    Can u hack System Empires CIV for me with the hack engine????


    please i need it

  16. McSchulz says:


  17. Anonymous says:

    im scared

  18. kakoi says:

    I earned 99999999 sporebucks just by the game. I don’t have the joker badge XD. The key to loads of money is to colonize 1 of each planet with different spices on it. Make sure the colonies are producing efficiently and have a spic storage for them. Then trade the spices at higher prices.

    Here are the top prices for each spice i sold: (these are the only prices i have seen in the game, it may still vary)

    red = 17k each
    yellow = 23k
    blue= 44k
    pink = 57k
    green = 60k
    purple = 73k

    I only have 1 planet for each spice and I sol them for a total of 99m sporebucks in an hour.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Pretty good tutorial overall, one thing I would fix is that it’s Sporebucks and not simoleans. And also, there are probable many people out there looking for an infinite item tutorial! 😉

  20. Somebody says:

    Hmmm does the game interpret the change in sporebucks as a cheat? Cause if it does it freezes game achievements… and its no better than using the ctrl+shift cheat console…

  21. Devil says:

    nerd………thanks for this post……i even used ur strategy to hack the staff of life and other colonization tools and now i have infinite staff of life…………..but it would be helpful if u show us some hacks related to the fast expansoin of the bloody grox,i mean cant i slow down the rate at which they expands?…..thanks for everything.

  22. Jacob says:

    I tried to do this for food on the Tribal Stage, and it doesn’t work for some reason… Though your money for making costumes can be edited. I am currently trying to make an editing hack (for unlimited parts in story mode)

  23. Damian says:

    So, does anybody know the address of health? I tried 018AEC64 and 68 but they didn’t work.

  24. Zilophos says:

    LOL, I hacked the Life Staff, made a bunch of T3 colonies. Now I can make more money than the game allows you to have at a time, in like 15 minutes.. ($99,999,999)

  25. Gio says:

    use float to scan health in CE

    • PalmtopTiger says:

      Wow. That helps. A lot. I was searching everywhere then came across a small comment at the bottom of a page. Great help. Thanks.

  26. Ryan Emanuel says:

    i used this to get infinite items but i only found one address, is that a problem or is that just the way it is supposed to come up?

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