Gaming Computer Build Project – Part 1: The Plan

Posted: December 15, 2008 in Hacks, Nerdy
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This December I will be designing and building a computer desktop gaming system. And you will be here the whole step of the way. The design priorities, components, and the information on the components and where I will be buying the components will be posted.

I will be buying my computer components on Friday the 19th. So stay tuned… well… not tuned… but you know XP

Design Priorities

 Noise level
 Processor performance
 Video performance
 Disk capacity/performance


I could have gone out and wasted thousands of dollars on the ultimate gaming system but since I don’t want to go into debt, price is the the highest priority and the most important. I am limited to a not so enormous budget of about $900 but you could get pretty far with that amount if you do it right. I will have to search deep into the corners of the internet for the cheapest best components, and my tools for this mission are Pricewatch and Froogle search engines.


Reliablity is also important for this system. For the reasons that when I am putting some major pressure on the system because of high graphics games in the highest settings; I wouldn’t want it to die. This means that I would need a cpu fan and great circulation throughout the system.


The size of this system is at no concern to me because at the situation that I am in right now, because I could make lots of room. The only thing I would need to worry about would be cooling because of closed spaces.

Noise Level

Noise level is really not that important because, of course, I will be awake while I use the system but when I am trying to sleep I will have to turn it off if the fans and so on are too loud. This means I will not be going to the extreme with water cooling and such for the most silent system.


Expandibility is also relativley nonimportant because I will not overhaul the system everytime something new comes out when I already have what I need. But because of the change in requirements for future games I might change the CPU or add another graphics card. Or if I run out of space I might need to add an extra hard disk drive(HDD) and that requires the motherboard to be expandable to have extra HDDs.

Part 2: Components

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