Bill Kaultiz

Band Site:           English:           Deutsch:
Youtube Channel: TokioHotelChannel

I am going to sound like any other fan but Bill Kaulitz from “Tokio Hotel” is my complete idol/hero. He dresses in an androgyny, the mixing of masculine and feminine characteristics, style. If you ask me he is the best example of androgyny. I love things that don’t draw a fine line, are easily labeled, and coexisting. Bill is the major icon in this area.

I feel like Bill is such a great guy from watching his TV show. He just seems so nice and awsm. I think that if he ever hung out with me and my friends and vice-versa we would have a great time. Just wish I took all my German classes and spoke fluent German though ;[



  1. lol me up says:

    so.. this is a girl isn’t? or a transexual imo…. :S

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