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“It” was the first woven fabric around 7000 – 8000 BCE and still is the most robust, durable, natural soft fiber on this planet. In 2727 BCE, the Chinese documented the use of “it” as a medication to treat a variety of health problems. Queen Victoria used “it” to relieve her menstrual cramps. “It” was brought to America in the same year Christopher Columbus discovered the New World. In 1619 A.D. farmers were required to grow “it”, by law. George Washington, the first president of America, grew “it” as a primary crop. The first two copies of The Declaration of Independence were written on “it”, as a paper. In 1840, medicines with “it” as a base were available in U.S. pharmacies. There are 1,000s of uses and products from “it.” In 1908, Henry Ford made his first Model T with “it”, as a plastic, and the car was fueled by “it”, as an alcohol. Now replace “it” with Cannabis.

Cannabis is the genus name that includes cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. The genus is referred as Hemp, Marijuana, Weed, Pot, and many other names. Marijuana = Cannabis = Hemp [No one can get high from hemp]

1. There are no deaths, anywhere, from Marijuana use. You can NOT find ONE.

Tobacco is the #1 killer in the US. Tobacco beat out AIDS, Heroine, Crack, Cocaine, Alcohol, car accidents, fire, and murder COMBINED. With an average number of 5 million deaths around the world per year, tobacco receives government subsidies, and is grown with radioactive fertilizer. If poor diet and physical activity is not included, Alcohol is #2 with well over 85 Thousand deaths a year. Caffeine comes in with 1-10 Thousand deaths a year. Some of the most popular pain relievers, Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, such as aspirin still make an appearance with over 7.5 Thousand deaths’ annually.

With the government proclaiming Marijuana is so dangerous why hasn’t a university or medical facility ever reported there being a single death directly contributing to Marijuana. THC Potency of Marijuana has no variable in harming users for the reason that it is impossible to overdose on Marijuana. Even in the animal studies where people have loaded animals with doses that would be 100s of times what a human could be exposed to, animals didn’t die from Marijuana. You can die from ingesting too much aspirin or even coffee.

Quote from the DEA’s own judge:

Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man.

2. Smoking Marijuana can be harmful because of the smoke. No one can get cancer from Marijuana.

The study by Manuel Guzmán of Madrid Spain found that cannabinoids, the active components of Marijuana, exert palliative effects in cancer patients by preventing nausea, vomiting and pain by stimulating appetite. In addition, these compounds have been shown to inhibit the growth of tumor cells in culture and animal models by modulating key cell-signalling pathways. Cannabinoids are usually well tolerated, and do not produce the generalized toxic effects of conventional chemotherapies.

David Triplett is a cancer survivor. His doctor prescribed him ointment to apply to his whole face, but when he went home he researched his perscribed ointment and chose not to use it because of side effects. He started to ask around to find another way to cure his cancer and he was referred to cannabis oil. He started to use the cannabis oil and recorded his own photo journal. The pictures show the tumors being brought to the surface.

The “Marijuana Use and Lung Cancer: Results of a Case-Control Study” by Dr. Donald Tashkin, M.D., verified that nothing in the Marijuana smoke, even in heavy long-term use, causes the increase risk of cancer or emphysema in any away and elements in the tobacco smoke do cause cancer. Marijuana is different from tobacco yet people still think that it causes the same things as tobacco does.
3. Marijuana is NON-addictive. There are NO physical withdrawals after stopping consumption.

It is true that there are more teenagers and kids in treatment for Marijuana than any other substance, but what the DEA never tells you is why that is true. The reason why there are so many is because kids who are caught possessing or smoking Marijuana are taken to court and are given the choice between jail or treatment. Most people would rather go to treatment than jail. Anyone who is accepted into treatment are classified as an addict, even when they are not addicted. The DEA uses this stat and says, “Look at all the kids in treatment for Marijuana. It must be because today’s Marijuana is more addictive than what your parent’s were smoking.” Only 3% of the people in treatment for Marijuana are there voluntarily. The other 97% were told to by their guardian or by a judge.

Two scientists were asked to rate drugs in order of addiction and their results were:

 1.  Nicotine
 2.  Alcohol
 3.  Heroine
 4.  Cocaine
 5.  Coffee
 …  Other
 Very Bottom  Marijuana

4. Marijuana does NOT kill brain cells. It could stimulate brain cell growth.

jackherer monkeys maskIn 1974 the Heath/Tulane Study Ronald Reagan proclaimed, “The most reliable scientific sources say permanent brain damage is one of the inevitable results of Marijuana.” In this study Monkeys’ wore gas masks that were pumped with Marijuana smoke over 5 minutes without additional oxygen. After 4 minutes without oxygen the first thing that is going to happen is your brain cells are going to die. They suffocated the monkeys’, showed all the dead brain cells, and went on to associate that Marijuana causes your brain cells to die. This was the foundation of the government and everyone’s understanding of Marijuana. Still today people believe that Marijuana kills your brain cells even though the study was revealed to be misconducted. Studies since have NOT showed any signs of brain cell damage. In 2005, the “Journal of Clinical Investigation” has suggested Marijuana can possibly stimulate brain cell growth.
5. Marijuana does not create the attribute of being lazy in people.

Anti-drug commercials have said that if you smoke Marijuana you will become useless to society. If this is true, there are about 50 million people who smoke Marijuana in America and over half of the Canadian population who have tried it, and yet both societies have flourished. That is more people than the unemployment

In fact Steve Jobs, creator of Apple, Ted Turner, founder of CNN news, many actors, and practically all rock star’s (The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin) and every presidential candidate have used Marijuana.

If anyone is going to lose their job, they are going to lose their job anyway. They are not losing their jobs because of Marijuana that is just a lie!

6. The “Gateway” effect is caused by prohibition and the blending of hard and soft drugs.

Every time Marijuana has been studied and looked at they have not found anything in Marijuana that will make you want to resort to other drugs. If a “gateway theory” existed then you could say all alcoholics started on milk.

Quote from Dr. Lester Grinspoon, MD, professor at Harvard Medical School:

There is no inherit psychopharmacological property of Marijuana which pushes one toward another drug.

7. Why does Marijuana have a bad reputation?

marijuana joint by Torben Bjørn Hansen, on Flickr

marijuana joint by Torben Bjørn Hansen, on Flickr

In the early 20th century, yellow journalism surfaced. Articles depicted blacks and Mexicans as frenzied beasts who would smoke Marijuana, play devil’s music, and heap disrespect and viciousness on the readership, a majority of which happened to be white. Some offences included looking at a white woman twice, laughing at a white person, or even stepping on white men’s shadows. This ended up leading to a law in a form of a tax stamp that included Marijuana, hemp, and cannabis medicines. Speculation of Hemp’s potential for an abundance of new products and direct competition with other sources added to the “Reefer Madness” and led to the downfall of all forms of Cannabis.

Marijuana Tax Stamp was fine except to grow hemp you needed to buy a stamp, but the government wasn’t giving any out to anybody. In effect all forms of cannabis became illegal until WWII. When the government decided hemp was a good thing and produced a video, “Hemp for Victory.” By the time the war was over hemp again became bad. Then in 1948, when the Marijuana law came into question, congress recognized that Marijuana was made illegal for the wrong reason. Marijuana didn’t make people violent at all, it made them pacifists. Fear from the communists using Marijuana to weaken our will to fight, congress voted to make Marijuana illegal for the exact opposite reason they outlawed it in the first place.

In 1972, President Nixon received The Shaffer Report from a Republican Governor that proved Marijuana is harmless, but he had another plan. Nixon saw that making Marijuana illegal would be good for him because they could arrest the pot smokers that were protesting the Vietnam War. He disregarded the information and went ahead with the Drug War. When President Reagan was elected for president he reinforced the Drug War even more with, the misconducted, Heath/Tulane Study.

All the information at universities and the library of congress were recalled and destroyed. There weren’t even enough copies for everyone in congress to see[the The Shaffer Report].

8. Prohibition has never worked

The goals of prohibition are to reduce the amount of drugs available and the demand for those drugs. In both instances for Marijuana prohibition is an utter failure because Marijuana is in demand. Prohibition has not stopped people from using Marijuana. In 1937, there were estimate to be 55 thousand Marijuana users and now it is estimated to be more than 50 million of them. That is a 100,000% increase.

During the prohibition of alcohol everything got worse. Alcohol poisoning went up by 600%, a rise in massive criminal groups/gangsters and a general disregard for the law and there were more “speakeasies”, secret bars, then there are liquor stores and taverns today. What we can learn from alcohol prohibition is that it increases crime and prohibition doesn’t work. Even in the Bible, with the legend of the Tree of Knowledge God told Adam and Eve they were prohibited from eating from the Tree of Knowledge and Eve still ate from the tree. If Marijuana was eliminated from the focus of the Drug War there wouldn’t be a big enough drug problem to justify the massive expenditure being used to enforce prohibition for the other drugs.

In an October 15, 2010 article, former Surgeon General of the United States, Joycelyn Elders voiced her support for legalization of marijuana: “I think we consume far more dangerous drugs that are legal: cigarette smoking, nicotine and alcohol,” said Joycelyn Elders, the former surgeon general and a supporter of the measure. “I feel they cause much more devastating effects physically. We need to lift the prohibition on marijuana.”

Quote from Government Health Officer:

Whether Marijuana is prohibited or decriminalized it does not affect the rates of smoking, of Marijuana, of either in uptake or in discontinuation.

9. There is a synthetic Marijuana pill and it was financed by the Government

Venice Beach House | Medical Marijuana by Venice Beach House

Venice Beach House | Medical Marijuana by Venice Beach House

Only seven people in the United States can legally use marijuana as medicine, George McMahon is one of them. Administered by the Food and Drug Administration, Investigational New Drug (IND) has supplied medical marijuana to fifteen patients since 1976. IND stopped accepting applications for medical marijuana use in 1992. McMahon suffers from Nail Patella Syndrome (NPS), a rare disease that deforms bones, disrupts organs and causes constant muscle spasms. McMahon routinely becomes fatigued and smokes a joint — one of the 300 that are given to him monthly by IND. Once he started smoking marijuana, McMahon says, he was able to resume a functioning life because the cornucopia of drugs prescribed by doctors had only made him feel worse.

How can the government give patients Marijuana, since 1976, and State Medicinal Marijuana exist when Marijuana is categorized as a Schedule I narcotic? Schedule I means there are no medicinal benefits. Cocaine, Meth, and Opium are classified in the category for medicinal use.

Medical conditions that respond favorably to Marijuana: Alzheimer’s, morning sickness, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, epilepsy, muscular dystrophy, arthritis, wasting syndrome, nausea, back pain, depression, anxiety, Hepatitis C, Cancer, Chemotherapy, AIDS and the list goes on.

All through the years from 1968 to 2002 report after report commissioned by everyone from around the world from the mayor of new york to the president of the united states has come back with a view that Marijuana should have no criminal penalty attached to it. Yet Marijuana is still as illegal today as it was 70 years ago.

Cannabinoid-based medications include synthetic compounds, such as dronabinol (Marinol) and nabilone (Cesamet), which are FDA approved, and a new, chemically pure mixture of plant-derived THC and cannabidiol called Sativex, formulated as a mouth spray and approved in Canada and parts of Europe for the relief of cancer-associated pain and spasticity and neuropathic pain in multiple sclerosis.

Dr. Tod Mikuriya, MD, who was a former national administrator of the U.S. Governments Marijuana research program was asked, “Is there a product, out there today, that provides as many medical benefits as Cannabis?” and after a pause for thinking he responded, “No.”
10. Decriminalization of Marijuana is better than illegal but making Medicinal Marijuana legal is the best for everyone.

Arrests By ElvertBarnes

By ElvertBarnes

Just like tobacco if Marijuana was industrially grown it would most likely be grown the same way, with radioactive fertilizer. Then people would get cancer the same way Tobacco smokers do.

Decriminalization would not create circumstances for retail sale. Decriminalization of Marijuana still makes it an offence but you can’t go to jail for it. This would reduce prison costs for housing the people in local and county jails and the 45 Thousand prisoners in State and Federal prisons for Marijuana violations. Decriminalization would not take Marijuana out of the focus of the Drug War it would take the people out of the focus.

An estimated $7.7 billion dollars is spent annually by the US government and a $400 million annual budget, out of the $500 million total budget, for Canada is spent to enforce Marijuana prohibition. Of the 786,546 marijuana arrests and the $7.7 billion dollars spent annually, 88% of marijuana arrests are for simple possession. It would be much better to use that money to arrest those making other drugs like heroine, meth, and cocaine.

Making Medicinal Marijuana legal would allow people to go to a doctor and if they are eligible to receive treatment then they can receive the benefits from the use of natural Marijuana and it would allow people to grow and regulate their own Medicinal Marijuana, taking it out of the hands of strangers.

The Union: The Business Behind Getting High. Dir. Brett Harvey. Score G Productions, 2007. DVD.

  1. Too bad they didn’t include “deschedule cannabis and repeal its prohibition” as an option above.

    That’s the only workable, long-term solution to the damage of prohibition: TO END IT.

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